Consistent poor grades have been a worry some matter of concern lately? Before blaming your kid for marks, you need to check the quality of teaching you kid is getting.

Singapore’s tuition business is blooming every year. The Straits Times recently conducted a poll where it was found that seven in ten parents enrolled their children intuitions. Let’s discuss the myths we often come across while short listing tuitions.

  1. Larger the tuition centre, more it will be effective: You must not take tuition’s result on the basis of their infrastructure. The number of branches it offers does not imply that they have quality education. You must check for the track records and quality of teaching rather.
  2. The toppers they showcase are for real: Tuitions conducts an entrance exam to ensure only promising students get through so that the results at the end of the year reflect great. They are handpicked and most of them were already performing well before taking up the admission.
  3. Tuition centre guarantees good grades: Tuitions no doubt ensures personal attention and learning adaptability which are not possible in packed classrooms. Here good grades require student’s learning ability and determination. Tuition is just an extra assistance, not a success mantra.

Since you are over the myths, now go for the real background check of the tutor. Ask the already studying students about the inside stories and facts. Get a hold of the facts like, how many students are given to one tutor? How does the tutor teach? Is there any low-grade student who has got good grades after joining?

Opting between a tuition centre and a home tutor can be dicey as joining a centre has its own advantages and getting a home tutor is good for getting personalized attention and one on one teaching.

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