4 time management tips for home tutors

Here we have listed effective time management tips for home tutors.

With high wages and favourable working hours, home tutoring is a profitable job in Singapore.

On the flip side, home tutoring becomes stressful when you have to manage your other commitments, especially if you are into other profession or study. Most home tutors feel that it is hard to meet all requirements in the allotted time frame.

time management tips

Luckily, it is possible to manage the situation and spare time for other things. All you need to work over your time management. Here’s how…

Prioritize Your Important Tasks:

The key of time management lies in setting priorities and organizing the day around the important tasks. Setting priorities helps you stay on the track throughout the day, even when you have to go through something unexpected or when the workload is more challenging.

Plan for Transition Times:

Let’s accept it. It eats up a lot of time when you have to switch from one activity to another at tuition. So prepare quick, five-minute activities for those transition periods between lunch, specials, and in-between class.

Organize Everything:

Keeping the things organized and labelled is important for busy tutors. For example, you should have the study materials, box, and cabinet labelled to locate the things easily. Eventually, it will save you time and hassle in the long run.

Keep “Potential Troubles” in Mind:

From troubling students, emergencies to phone calls, there may be many things that can distract you from teaching. Therefore, you should have a plan ahead for such problems or events to minimize the hassle and save your time.


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