Back to School Shopping Tips for Parents

Your kids must be excited to start their upcoming school year after the holidays. The arrival of this period means parents will have to shop new school supply for their kids, including stationery, school bag, and uniform. And it is equally true that many parents find it challenging to decide what to buy or what to leave. But that doesn’t mean you have to break your bank every year. Be a smart “back to school” shopper by looking for bargains, cutting costs and build up savings for the years to come. Here’s how.

1. Look for the Previous Year’s Supplies at Home:

How much previous year’s supplies you have left at the home?

It will give you an idea how much should you buy.

So, time to send your kids on a scavenger hunt to locate those supplies that may be lying in the closets, desk drawers or basement bins.

2. Make a List:

Ask your kid’s teacher to provide a required list of school supply. If you are not provided with the list by the school, you can consult parents who have older kids. They may guide you on what is required in your kid’s grade.

Or you can check out here “back to school” shopping list according to your kid’s grade. Make sure to stick to the list.

3. Look for the Sales:

Many stores in Singapore offer huge discount over school supplies during “back to school” period. All you need to locate such stores using Internet or going through local advertising.

4. Buy in Bulk:

Needless to say, students require pens, crayons, glue, and notebooks throughout the year. So, you should buy these kinds of stuff in bulk. Generally, a store is likely to give the better discount on the things to be purchased in bulk. Or it is better if you and a group of other parents negotiate a group discount from the store owner (or at the wholesale office supply store).

Author Bio: Wilson Tan is the Director at ChampionTutor and as well as creative blog writer who loves to pen down his points on various topics related to education, parenting, home tuitions etc.

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