Business Plan for Your Tuition Centre in Singapore

Areou looking to open a tuition centre in Singapore? Well, this can be a profitable move due to the even increasing demand of tuition in the nation.

Let’s have a reality check. You will have to compete with other tuition centres in your locality. How will you pull out the students? How will you grow your tutoring business?

Therefore, firstly, you will have to consider the points including domain, business objectives, market research, customer’s needs, and competitors.

This business plan will help you determine all these factors…

The domain of Your Business: Choose the unique and catchy name for your business.

What Do You Want to Teach?: Decide the subjects you want to teach.

Finances: Think about your profit margin, especially if you are looking for a loan to get started. It is all about keeping track of your income and expenses.

Infrastructure and Faculty: Do you want to run your tuition centre from home? Or you are looking for a rented space? How many tutors you will have on the board? What equipment do you need? If you are running low on finances, it is better to start small so that you can get enough in hand to make it big later.

Marketing: Apart from print advertisement and fliers/ brochure, promote your tuition centre on the Internet by creating page on Facebook. You can even build a website for your tuition centre. One more thing—list your tuition centre to online tuition agencies like ChampionTutor to get more assignments.

Cost: How do you set prices? Will it be more or less than your competitors? Do a market research to come up with a realistic “price structure” that works.

With a right plan, quality tutoring and effective marketing, you can have a profitable tutoring business.

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