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Exam Emergency! How to Prepare When Few Days are Left for Exam

Exam Stress

Most students burn their midnight oil when exams are near. This is especially true for those who haven’t prepared well throughout the year or delivered poor result. However, feeling stressed or frustrated won’t help you out. You need to organize the things to give your best. Top of that, studying for a long stretch can be unhealthy. Don’t worry! These tips would help you with exam preparation.

Exam Stress

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Start with Smaller Portions:

You should study smaller portions of syllabus. Taking on huge portions won’t be useful. Make sure to focus on the things you haven’t covered yet.

Study smarter

Sitting for hours can be exhaustive. Instead, try to prepare in sets of three 30 minute bursts—each 30 minute should be reserved for one subject or topic. And don’t forget to take a 10 minute break between the sessions.

Practice Past Years Exam Questions:

This will give you an idea of the patterns and marking scheme as well. Besides, you can test yourself by doing them. Some sites like ChampionTutor have made available all test papers for all subjects.

Hire a Tutor:

Hiring a tutor can be really useful at this point of time. Make sure to choose the right one who can help you in exam emergency. They can have an effective crash course or strategies.

Group Study Sessions:

Studying with friends is a great way to test your knowledge and see how other prepare for exams. However, choose the people who are serious about study and won’t kill the time with gossips.

And Take Care of Yourself:

Don’t let the exhaustive and stressful exam preparation schedule take a toll on your health. This is why you should take care of yourself. Here’s how…

  • Take regular breaks
  • Chat to friends or family
  • Do mediation and exercise
  • Take proper sleep



How to Incorporate Science into Your Kid’s Everyday Life.


Science is the one of the functional subjects. It is involved in our routine life, whether it’s baking a cookie, turning on the fan or repairing an electrical circuit. In fact, our body functions are covered by biology—a branch of science. This way, science has been the part and parcel of our life.


Can science enlighten the mind of kids? The curiosity of the kids makes them a good “recipient” for the knowledge of science. Another good thing is that children grasp the things easily and quickly. So, how to incorporate science in their life? How to make them a good learner of science?

As we said before, you need to tap into their curiosity with experiments and models. Science should go beyond to classroom to their home.

Here are the ways to incorporate science in the daily lives of the kids.

Encourage Them to Observe, Explore and Testing:

Kids can learn better by observing the environment around them. For example, you can take them for a walk. Ask them to observe flowers, blades of grass and insects with the help of a magnifying glass. They can note down the details and have a discussion with their teacher on the same.

Create Something:

Build science models like solar system or wind mill with your kids. And be ready to answer them how things work.

Conduct Simple Science Experiments:

Experiments are the best way to get them interested into science. And it can be done with simple things at your home. For example, you can show them why water turns into ice or it evaporates on being heated. Tell them how electricity travels or what happens when washing powder is put into the water.

Keep Discussing Latest Discoveries:

What is the latest invention? Who send spacecraft of late? Or where did earthquake occur? Kids find it interesting to follow the breaking news stories from the field of science.

With the help of these things, you can get your kids interested into science. Apart from school, a good tutor for science can be a great aid to make science easy for them.

4 Benefits of Tuition Centres That You Can’t Get From School

Tuitions have become a necessity in today’s academic environment in Singapore. Ever increasing competition, parent’s expectations and soaring peer pressure prompt students to seek extra assistance. No wonder that 7 out of 10 parents send their kids to tuition centres in Singapore. While school are the primary platform to learn, here are some benefits that only tuition centres can ensure…

Personal Attention:
This is the key benefit of tuition centres over a school classroom. A student in the batch of 5-6 students is likely to get more attention than a packed classroom of 20-30 students. A tutor can understand the concerns of the students and work accordingly.

Positive Learning Environment:
Generally, most students are not comfortable in a classroom. They often hesitate to raise their hands to ask questions or doubts. May be they feel embarrassed to ask the teacher every time to explain the concept. In a tuition centre, a student is encouraged to ask questions till he or she gets the concept. This way, they feel more confident and can get their doubts cleared.

Better Learning Adaptability:
Another advantage of a tuition centre is that teaching can be tailored to each student’s learning pace. Compare this benefit to a classroom where a student struggles as his or her learning level is average and requires more attention. A tutor maximizes the learning by keeping the pace, focus and goals in mind.

Tutor Match:
The tutors can be chosen according to the student’s requirements. For example, you can check the tutor’s profile, qualification and experience before hiring. Then, there are many online tuition agencies where you can see the ratings on tutors’ profile. Can you choose a teacher in school in the same manner?

So these are the benefits of tuition centers why they are necessary for the kids to do well in study. Make sure to Choose the Right Tuition Centre.

This is How Singapore’s Tuition Centres Teach via Practical Methods

Practical approach to academic learning will enable a more effective understanding and retention of information among students. In other words, students learn efficiently when they experience or do the things themselves, rather than just being taught. This is because they can relate to a subject. Their brain is involved in making connection and building familiar patterns as well. Hands-on learning is meant for students of all ages in various modes like problem solving, trial and error and kinesthetic.

No wonder that the primary schools are required to provide hands-on learning by 2023 by the government.

To you surprise, tuition centres are not behind.

There are over 60 tuition centers in Singapore which offer hands-on activities. Here students learn mathematic concepts using counting cubes and sorting object. They learn about solar energy assembling solar cars.

This is How Social Studies is Being Made Interesting!

Let’s accept it! Social study is not appealing to all students. Luckily, it can be made fun and engaging incorporating hands on activity. For example, 3D maps can be used or students can create their own salt map. Senior students can prepare a traditional meal or create a model of civilization.

New Ways to Teach Language Arts!

Hands-on activities can be really useful when it’s come to teaching letters, rhyming words and literature. For example, some tuition centres use pipe cleaners, sand, clay and magnetic letters. Older students are asked to recreate scenes from a story or play they are reading.

When Fun Replaced Fear in Mathematics!

Abacus, tallies, beads, stones and coins are used to make math learning more effective. Students can use a yard stick to go across the classroom to measure the things.

No More Yawning or Rotting in Science Class!

There are endless hands-on activities to make science engaging. For example, some tuition centres conduct flower dissecting experiment to make students familiar about flower’s reproductive system. They are given circuit diagram and magnet to learn the flow of electric current.

So you must have understood how tuition centres are taking learning to the next level by adopting practical approach.

David Lim is the writer of this article is a regular contributor on the behalf of ChampionTutor.
Championtutor is the Most Trusted Home Tuition Agency in Singapore. With more than 10 years of experience in home tutor services, Championtutor have successfully matched thousands of students and tutors & prepare children to their next academic step in their educational and career pursuits.


39634312 - kindergarten girls enjoy drawing and kindergarten teacher watches

Consistent poor grades have been a worry some matter of concern lately? Before blaming your kid for marks, you need to check the quality of teaching you kid is getting.

Singapore’s tuition business is blooming every year. The Straits Times recently conducted a poll where it was found that seven in ten parents enrolled their children intuitions. Let’s discuss the myths we often come across while short listing tuitions.

  1. Larger the tuition centre, more it will be effective: You must not take tuition’s result on the basis of their infrastructure. The number of branches it offers does not imply that they have quality education. You must check for the track records and quality of teaching rather.
  2. The toppers they showcase are for real: Tuitions conducts an entrance exam to ensure only promising students get through so that the results at the end of the year reflect great. They are handpicked and most of them were already performing well before taking up the admission.
  3. Tuition centre guarantees good grades: Tuitions no doubt ensures personal attention and learning adaptability which are not possible in packed classrooms. Here good grades require student’s learning ability and determination. Tuition is just an extra assistance, not a success mantra.

Since you are over the myths, now go for the real background check of the tutor. Ask the already studying students about the inside stories and facts. Get a hold of the facts like, how many students are given to one tutor? How does the tutor teach? Is there any low-grade student who has got good grades after joining?

Opting between a tuition centre and a home tutor can be dicey as joining a centre has its own advantages and getting a home tutor is good for getting personalized attention and one on one teaching.

Business Plan for Your Tuition Centre in Singapore

Areou looking to open a tuition centre in Singapore? Well, this can be a profitable move due to the even increasing demand of tuition in the nation.

Let’s have a reality check. You will have to compete with other tuition centres in your locality. How will you pull out the students? How will you grow your tutoring business?

Therefore, firstly, you will have to consider the points including domain, business objectives, market research, customer’s needs, and competitors.

This business plan will help you determine all these factors…

The domain of Your Business: Choose the unique and catchy name for your business.

What Do You Want to Teach?: Decide the subjects you want to teach.

Finances: Think about your profit margin, especially if you are looking for a loan to get started. It is all about keeping track of your income and expenses.

Infrastructure and Faculty: Do you want to run your tuition centre from home? Or you are looking for a rented space? How many tutors you will have on the board? What equipment do you need? If you are running low on finances, it is better to start small so that you can get enough in hand to make it big later.

Marketing: Apart from print advertisement and fliers/ brochure, promote your tuition centre on the Internet by creating page on Facebook. You can even build a website for your tuition centre. One more thing—list your tuition centre to online tuition agencies like ChampionTutor to get more assignments.

Cost: How do you set prices? Will it be more or less than your competitors? Do a market research to come up with a realistic “price structure” that works.

With a right plan, quality tutoring and effective marketing, you can have a profitable tutoring business.

How to Register Your Tuition Centre in Singapore?

Before setting up a tuition centre in Singapore, you as an owner are required to register you venture.

The Private Education Act defines private education as “full-time education helping students for any examination that results in a qualification awarded by another person or organisation other than the Private Education Institution (PEI), or admission to an education institution”.

Being a private education institution, tuition agencies in Singapore must abide by this law.

Therefore, the act requires organizations to enlist as a private school with the CPE (Council for Private Education). To get accreditation form the CPE, the organization should take care of the several laws and regulation.

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Enhanced Registration Framework:

First of all, you have to go through a process called the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF), which is directed by the Private Education Act and the Private Education Regulations. Meeting the ERF criteria means that your organization comply the guidelines set by the CPE.

Documents Required for Registration:

  • Status as a Registered Firm:

A tuition agency should be registered with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). You can present your documents to the CPE. Make sure the name of your agency includes words like academy or school. However, the name shouldn’t be similar to other tuition agencies. Avoid using the words like “Singapore” and “National”.

  • Ownership Details:

Directors of the company are deemed as the managers. Submit your declaration form along with the personal information to the CPE.

  • Floor Plan and Related Approvals

The CPE requires tuition centres to own at least fully enclosed classroom and an area for office/admin activities. Besides, the premises should be appropriate with hazard free environment and fire safety measurements. The property should have the clearance certificate by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) or the Housing Development Board’s (HDB) and Fire safety and Shelter Department (FFSD).

  • Details of Academic Board:

Agencies are required to set up an academic board that should be composed of at least 3 members. These members shouldn’t be bankrupts or guilty of any offence.

  • Details of the Courses and Faculty:
  1. Teacher’s information, qualification and work experience
  2. Class timetable
  3. Attendance sheets
  4. Receipts issued to students
  5. Sample of Textbook or Assessment Books issued to students

(For more info, please click here)

SUBMIT all documents at this address…

Private Schools Section
MOE HQ, 15th Floor
1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675

Once all the documents are submitted and found to be in order, MOE representatives will inspect the premises of a tuition centre.

Author Bio: Wilson Tan is the Director at ChampionTutor- Tuition Centres Singapore and as well as creative blog writer who loves to pen down his points on various topics related to education, parenting, home tuitions etc.

Surprising Facts about Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tuitions have been a part of learning in Singapore for ages. The industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years. Once being confined to the apartments or houses, tuition centres in Singapore have gone beyond to upscale malls. This overwhelming growth is fuelled by competitive environment, tough curriculum and parent’s pressure on the students.

Here we have listed some startling facts about tuition industry in Singapore.

  • It’s a Billion Dollar Industry in Singapore!

Tuition is like a big industry in Singapore. It generates billion dollar revenue in a year. The latest Household Expenditure Survey has unveiled that families are spending $ 1.1 billion a year on tuition. In 2008, the industry was $820 million while it was $470 million in 1998. There are more than 30,000 private tutors in Singapore who provide some form of coaching. These stats clearly define the “tuition boom” in the nation.

  • A Land of Millionaire Tutors

Many tutors in Singapore are earning in millions. This shouldn’t be surprising if the industry is generating billion dollar revenue. In fact, some tutors are no less than a celebrity. No wonder that many MOE teachers are quitting their job to leverage the boom.

  • 70% Parents Send their Kids for Tuition in Singapore

With 7 in 10 parents get their kids enrolled in tuitions, tuition has become a necessity to get success in the academic field. As we have said earlier that Singapore has the competitive educational environment and difficult syllabus. Then, kiasu, a fear of losing or lagging behind is common among Singaporeans, prompting students to seek tuitions to be ahead.

After going through these interesting factors about tuition centres in Singapore, you must have understood why the industry is on the boom.

How to Get Your Kids Do Their Homework?

If you are like most parents, you must be worrying over your kids’ dull approach towards their homework. In other words, your kids are not doing their homework or doing it reluctantly.

Homework is more than a schoolwork a student is required to do at home. It is an important educational purpose that is important to promote self-discipline and study skills among the kids. Moreover, it pushes students to take initiative and responsibility to accomplish a task.

But the million dollar question is that how to get them to do their homework. Well, it is quite challenging, but not impossible.

We hope that this brief guide will help you out…

Create a Homework Schedule:
Set an optimal homework schedule for them based on their spare time after school. When they feel more energetic after school? This may be after an hour of downtime. This may be a right time to set the schedule. Avoid choosing late evening as most kids tend to be drowsy this time.

Study Room Should Be Away from Distractions:
Keep TV, video games, phones and other objects away from their study rooms. Such things will distract your kid’s attention. Make sure the room is quiet and calm. Besides, they should have all supplies like pen, pencils, rulers and dictionaries at their study table.

Allow Them a Break:
Let them take a break for a few minutes. It will ease their tiredness and frustration occurring from doing homework at a stretch. A 10 minutes break will help them feel refreshed when they come back to study.

Make Your Presence Felt:
Help your kids in their homework. Know where they are struggling and present solution accordingly. A kid is likely to be more encouraged when they know that their parents are around.

Give Them Reward:
Reward will add to their motivation for homework. Make sure it doesn’t look or sound like bribing. For example, offering chocolate or toy for completing the assignments every time is a bribe. They will do the homework for just getting the material gain, instead of understanding the concept. Instead, you can offer extra TV hours, dinner, family walk or novel if they stick to homework for a week.

So, these are the tips to motivate your kids for their homework.

David Lim is the writer of this article is a regular contributor on the behalf of ChampionTutor. Championtutor is the Most Trusted Home Tuition Agency in Singapore. With more than 10 years of experience in home tutor services, Championtutor have successfully matched thousands of students and tutors & prepare children to their next academic step in their educational and career pursuits.

Why Championtutor Is The Recommended Tuition Centre In Singapore?

Tuition Centre

School teachers have a tendency to be generic as they are dealing with lots of students. They can’t concentrate on every student and check whether they understand the lesson. Thus, a few kids can’t adapt up to the lessons of their teachers. Therefore, to help them stand out in school, an intercession from third party in the form of Tuition centre would be very useful.

Tuition Centre

Why parents opt for tuition Centre?

Many of the parents start their hunt for best tuition centres in Singapore for the following reason;

  • Busy Working Schedule

Nowadays, parents have no time to sit with their kids for hours to make them study or check what they are doing in schools. Especially, when parents are working and at that time, Tuition centres act as a hero and help such guardians.

  • To help them in Competitions

Is your child lacking behind in competitive exams and can’t cope up with the exponentially rising pace of the school curriculum? If yes, then start looking for the best tuition centre in Singapore before it gets too late.

  • Work On their Weak Points

Numerous kids face trouble in learning and understanding at least one subject specifically. Also, because of hesitation and the vast number of kids in one class, they neglect to get 1-to-1 attention. Therefore, Tuition focuses use learning with plenty of time and years of experience, helping the students to support their grades.

How ChampionTutor is beneficial for your kids?

  • The ChampionTutor has a leading teaching technique or syllabus that it trains all its teachers.
  • The ChampionTutor is very selective in hiring and offering good training to its teachers for the best results.
  • Whether it is the social science, science, or humanities, our tutors know how to generate interest to teach.
  • The ChampionTutor aims that children must get proper education and the required attention.