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4 time management tips for home tutors

time management tips

Here we have listed effective time management tips for home tutors.

With high wages and favourable working hours, home tutoring is a profitable job in Singapore.

On the flip side, home tutoring becomes stressful when you have to manage your other commitments, especially if you are into other profession or study. Most home tutors feel that it is hard to meet all requirements in the allotted time frame.

time management tips

Luckily, it is possible to manage the situation and spare time for other things. All you need to work over your time management. Here’s how…

Prioritize Your Important Tasks:

The key of time management lies in setting priorities and organizing the day around the important tasks. Setting priorities helps you stay on the track throughout the day, even when you have to go through something unexpected or when the workload is more challenging.

Plan for Transition Times:

Let’s accept it. It eats up a lot of time when you have to switch from one activity to another at tuition. So prepare quick, five-minute activities for those transition periods between lunch, specials, and in-between class.

Organize Everything:

Keeping the things organized and labelled is important for busy tutors. For example, you should have the study materials, box, and cabinet labelled to locate the things easily. Eventually, it will save you time and hassle in the long run.

Keep “Potential Troubles” in Mind:

From troubling students, emergencies to phone calls, there may be many things that can distract you from teaching. Therefore, you should have a plan ahead for such problems or events to minimize the hassle and save your time.


5 Essential tips for home tutor for effective learning

home tutor

Tutoring is a very demanding job. There is a no fixed methodology to excel. However, if you want to make your learning method more effective, here are some helpful tips. Read on.

home tutor

Planning to be a tutor?

Or striving hard with your home tuition services?

Don’t worry! Becoming a tutor is never an easy job. Reason being, you are responsible for your students’ intellectual development. You need to nurture their academic career and help them learn efficiently.

Hence, if you wish to become a good tutor, along with the mastery of the subject you will be teaching, you must have a better understanding of students and their parents need. Below you will find some exclusive ideas which will help to boost the learning process. Have a look:

1. Take A Break: Allow you students to hear their voice along with yours. Actually, this will help you ensure that students do not tune out or lose interest while you are teaching. Hence, use frequent pauses and make sure they have understood what you have just been explaining. You can always ask them to summarise it after some pauses.

2. Incorporate Multi-Media Tools: It is digital era and you must involve technology in your learning process. You can fill your class with interesting video presentations or play some works of literature to entice them. Similarly, when you are teaching mathematics, play some interesting videos which can make it easy for them grasp the basic knowledge.

3. Try to keep it real: The best way to make learning easy is to connect the subject with real life. Whether it is calculus, physics or even literature, place a connection to their lives and it will be no more a boring session. For example, you can perform a chemistry experiment which creates fascination about molecular structure.

4. Add games: Students of all ages are fond of games. Why not make an assessment through games? You can simple test your student’s comprehension having some additional problems or games after teaching a particular topic. And if you are wondering which kind of games, there is a wealth of online games to choose from!

5. Introduce humor: It is a tried and tested method that when humor is added to any class, it creates highly positive effect on the students. Simply, this will increase their level of engagement and interest. So, you can share anything, a funny quote or a joke and dedicate a few minutes to having a good laugh.

So, try these five ideas and feel a change in the learning speed with rising interest of students. All the best!


How to grab best tuition jobs in Singapore?

home tutor

Searching for tuition jobs can be a challenging task. But you don’t need to worry! Find out three essential tips to help reduce your efforts.

tuition jobs in Singapore

Want to grow as a renowned tutor? Looking for some good tuition jobs for extra income?

If yes, then you need to know one thing first, there are many in your race. Yes, it can be a daunting task for you to get the finest range of tuition assignments in Singapore.

However, if you plan and execute carefully, nothing is impossible to achieve.  For those who are looking forward to best tuition jobs in Singapore, here are listed three points to consider. Read on:

 1. Start Working With A Tuition Agency

In case, it has been long that you are struggling to get some good tuition jobs, the safest alternative can be choosing a right tutoring agency. Ensure that you deal with a reputed, recognized, and trustworthy tuition centre. Being expert, they can handle finding clients and dealing with paperwork.

 2. Search It Online

It is the era of internet, right? So, why don’t you use it to surf appropriate tuition jobs? There are many portals offering an opportunity post your profile and apply for tutoring jobs. These help you directly connect with parents looking for help.

 3. Learn To Be Flexible

Yes, you need to be adaptive if you want to be a successful tutor. Start looking for the different needs of parents and children. Try to adjust as per their requirement and make sure you fit into their budget. The tuition assignment which appears to be a small opportunity now might turn into a milestone in future. Just be flexible!
So, now you don’t need to worry. With your efforts and these ideas, collectively, you will be able to fetch some finest assignments to your bag. All the best!

6 Easy Ideas To Learn Chinese- It will really help

learning Chinese

No matter which language you want to learn, it takes time. But still there are some ways through which it is possible to accelerate the process. In case, you are planning to learn Chinese, here you will find some really helpful tips. Read on.

Learn Chinese

Are you serious about learning Chinese? Need some amazing tips on how to grab your lessons quickly? If yes, you are at the right place.

When it is about learning something new, it is obvious to have a lot of apprehensions in mind. As far as Chinese is considered, it is unquestionably a challenging language to learn. Hence, for those who wonder how to be perfect with Chinese language, here are some tips and solution to make you learn it well in less time.

Take a close look at the following tips:
1. Start With Realistic Goals : Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and thus, expecting to be perfect in a week or two will not help you. Set realistic goals and lay out a roadmap to attain those. And while you plan for success, be aware of the failure too. Look for short term and long term objectives.

2. Build A Schedule : Whenever you are about to start with any language, you need to know that it needs consistent practice. But often people undervalue the importance of consistency and routine. No matter how busy you are, you have to ensure that you fit language learning into your everyday routine.

3. Engage In Multiple Ways : When you try to learn something in one way, there are good chances that you get bored and won’t necessarily be able to reverse it. So drill yourself in multiple ways. For example, not only read Chinese, you can choose to hear Chinese, and then try to translate it to English. In the same way, hear English and translate to Chinese. The logic behind is, more ways you practice it, deeper and better you understand it.

4. Hire A Home Tutor : A good tutor can make a lot difference in the learning process. Hence, start searching for a good and reputed Chinese private tutor. It is better if you look for a tuition agency. Getting one to one attention can simplify learning up to a greater extent.

5. Practice The Hard Stuff : In every language there is something easy and then some part is really tough. In case, you’re confused about grammar, or say you find it difficult to learn certain words or characters, don’t let your morale down. Just sit down with it and memorize.

6. Play With It: Of course, language is not so enjoyable. But you can eventually make it fun by finding ways to make learning Chinese fun. For example, plan for some word games in English which can be replicated in Chinese. Similarly, there can be many other ways to play game with Chinese.

So, get over your fear and start with these tips. All the best!

Five Lesser Known Benefits Of Being A Home Tutor

Home Tutor

Being a home tutor is not an easy job. But with all those difficulties, it lets you with an opportunity to develop both, professionally and personally. Find out how.

You might be aware of many benefits of tutoring. While this career brings forth numerous challenges ranging from reading the student’s mind to increasing their concentration level, it is somewhere very helpful in grooming a tutor himself.

Home Tutor

Let’s explore different ways this profession will help you out:

Being more patient:

To be a successful tutor you need to have an uncanny ability to be patient with your students. Hence, regardless of your background in education, age, or nationality, tutoring will gradually make your calm and cool.  Actually, this characteristic is imperative to help those struggling with learning process. Hence, when you work patiently with them, you boost your level.

Excellent Communication Skills:

If you are a tutor, it doesn’t mean necessarily that you must communicate with the children only. Besides the child-tutor relationship, tutors today are also required to converse with the parents. Doing so is important to make sure that tutoring is helping the child efficiently. Being available to discuss the child’s progress with his parents, serves with an opportunity to boost communication skills.

Stronger Foundation:

It is worth noticing here that even you are already educated, you still need to stay updated with the latest changes and developments in the related subject. If you are truly passionate and serious about your work, it will certainly help you know the subject more and better.

Being Inspirational

This is another important characteristic a private tutor can achieve. For example, when a student makes a mistake, you have to be wise enough to decide over giving a punishment or encouraging the child to do better next time. When you become capable of making such a decision, you not only surpass his insecurities, but also become an inspiration to him.

Personality Development:

Students are often found to be struggling to speak up about their insecurities. In order to solve their problem, it becomes vital for the private tutor to possess an outgoing personality. You have to make the children feel more comfortable and for this, the characteristic you need to adopt demands for being more approachable. You need to profess a personality which is easy to understand and share with.

Lastly, the job to deal with different children is not an easy task. But the good amount of patience, analyzing capability and time you invest will reap benefits.


6 Ways Home Tutors Can Help Your Child

Tutor in Singapore

When it comes to the decision of hiring a tutor, most parents are in a dilemma of what to do and how to do. Certainly, hiring a tutor has become essential in today’s competitive world. But it is more important to understand that why you need a tutor or better say, how a tutor can help your children with their academic career.

Home Tutor

Below are listed some reason how hiring a right private tutor in Singapore will prove to be beneficial;

  1. Better understanding: A private tutor renders his complete attention to the child. Thus, you can rest assure that the difficult concepts will be explained and revised on time.
  2. Improved score: As the tutor makes his best possible efforts to simplify the concepts, the students are more likely to perform better at exams and tests.
  3. More confidence: With their expert communication skills and technical knowledge, tutor in Singapore leads to increased confidence and motivation among children.
  4. Greater attention: Every child has different learning capabilities. And if your child is slow learner, he needs individual attention. None serves better than a home tutor. Hence, if your child has been fighting with his learning power, hiring a tutor will benefit him with one to one attention.
  5. Timely done homework: When you hire a home tutor, you can expect the child to get not only the subject knowledge but also additional information is provided. Hence, there are more chances of getting an extra edge over the other children in the class.
  6. Proper revision: It is the entire responsibility of tutor to help the child with his regular homework. While it eliminates the worries of parents in Singapore, it helps the child to revise the lessons provided in school, at the comfort of their home once again.

Lastly, remember hiring a tutor does not imply that your child is incapable; it is just that a tutor help sharpening his skills which proves to be additional help for his bright future.

How to benchmark the best home tuition agency Singapore?

home tuition agency Singapore

Are you looking forward to improved grades of your child? Definitely, home tuition is the surest way to help you achieve that. But make sure you pick then best tuition centre for your child.  Find out how you can ensure the same.

home tuition agency Singapore

The biggest problem for the working parents in Singapore is that it gets really difficult for them to spare sufficient time for making their children learn. If such is a case with you, all you need is a right tuition agency.

Now how to choose one? Here are three essential things which make any tuition centre the best of its own kind. Read on:

Qualified Tutors

In order to check the competitiveness of any tuition agency, it is important to first check the qualification in their tutors. As the tutoring industry is booming constantly in Singapore, it places a drastic demand for teachers. And there are chances that a couple of tuition agencies hire less-qualified tutors. So, it is a huge area of concern. Start your search looking for a tuition centre with competent teachers with appropriate background and qualifications.

Complete Assessment

It is vital to check whether the centre of your choice offers proper assessment for your child’s needs or not. The agency must be able to listen and understand carefully about your child’s behaviour, problems, and educational needs. And based on this they should formulate sessions to address his deficiency. Make sure the agency give out regular assessment as this will show the progress of the child.


Though you are here to look for an agency which offers the best tutoring system, but don’t you think it is important for them to be flexible as well. Hence, you need to find a tuition centre offering varying programs for different subjects and lessons. This ensures that your child can learn in as many as ways possible. A flexible schedule which fits your child’s availability cannot be ignored.  Moreover, this is a quality check for the capacity to provide home tuition.

So, now you can make a right decision. All the best!

Tuition Centre vs. Private Tutors: A Brief Comparison

excellent tutor

Did you know that tuition in Hong Kong is the billion dollar industry and reputed teachers can make as big as million in a year.

Tuition Centre


It means that parents have been spending hefty amounts in just tuition fees. This is because tuition centres have been emerged as an extra academic support for the students looking to improve their grades. In the wake of online tutoring in the region, tuition centres and home tutors are still popular among parents.


If you are looking for the convenient option between them, you may like to know the pros and cons of both sides.

We have come up with a brief comparison between tuition centre and home tutors to help you choose the best one for your child.

1. Tuition Centres are Cheaper than Private Home Tutor

Generally, a tuition centre provides tutoring at cheaper rates than a private home tutor. It is surprising as latter has to commute to his student while a tuition centre provides classroom space equipped with basic facility to the students. An experienced and qualified home tutor is likely to charge more. Similarly, a reputed tuition centre may be more costly than others.

2. Home Tutor Provides Better Personal Attention than Tuition Centre:

Since a home tutor has to teach one or two students, he can focus on their performance and has a more time to work on their areas of improvement. On the other hand, a tuition centre has group of students to teach, making it a bit difficult for them to focus on each student’s progress.

4. Tuition Centres Provides Uninterrupted Tutoring:

A home tutor is likely to cancel the classes if he is ill or having other commitments. But tuition centre will arrange the other tutor in case the existing one is not available.

5.  Home Tutor Teaches at Student’s Home Comfort:

A home tutor teaches student at his place. Therefore, a student needs not to commute daily from home to tuition centre.

What makes the home tutors different from other tutors?


Home tutors are often termed to be a preferred choice of parents. Why? What makes them so different? Let’s find out the answers here.

Home Tutor

Parents are always worried about their children’s future. If there are some specific areas your child seems to be having problems with, getting him a right home tutor is one of the best things you can do. Why home tutor or why not other tutors?

Well, below you will find some reasons to choose the former over the latter. Read on;

  1. Expert command: Having intensive knowledge in the subject, they serve to be of great help. They simply make the tutoring lessons fun and easier for the students.
  2. Friendly environment: Home tutors are supportive at all stages. While the kids can have a good interaction, the friendly and supportive nature makes them feel more comfortable and more receptive towards home tuition.
  3. Creative: Being innovative and expert, home tutors tend to come up with new and creative techniques for tutoring. Students who fear of boredom starts feeling good about the subject and are interested in learning.
  4. Passionate: Home tutor are often more passionate when it comes to teaching. Being enthusiastic about tutoring they prove to be helpful for the students who require assistance.
  5. Better communication: With proper communication skills private tutors find it easy to connect the students. Moreover, due to particular attention, students feel at ease while discussing their problems and worries.

So the parents who want to get top quality teaching services for their child, they know what to do now. Select a right private tutor, and make learning easy for him.

3 Major benefits hiring a private tutor in Singapore

Home Tutor

Home tuitions are becoming necessary part of every student’s life. In order to compete with growing competition and meet with the pace of education world, it is somewhere more than necessary to have a good tutor. Read more about the benefits a tutor can offer.

Is your child lacking good grades? Or you don’t have time to help your children with schoolwork? It would be in your best interest to hire a qualified tutor.

Home Tuition

With the evolution of educations system in Singapore, tutors are not merely for the students who are experiencing academic difficulties. In fact, they provide great assistance to students who seek a helping hand in preparing for important exams, or excel in their field.  Still not sure about having a private home tutor, here are enumerated benefits:

Improved learning styles: Your child will be able to discover a new learning style. Setting a private tuition plan for them enable to develop self-confidence, accelerate learning process, and much more. An ideal home tutor ensures that your children can succeed in studies, as well as their career in adult life.

More attention: In the classroom of 40- 50 students, it is impossible for a teacher to pay attention to every single pupil. However, a tutor promises greater care and attention which is definitely the major missing point in class rooms. While he imparts knowledge, also make the students aware of latest changes in syllabus, learning style and so on.

Personalized learning connection: Your child can talk about ideas, opinions, and much more with his tutor. He will feel closer to a right instructor and on the other hand the tutor can realize it in better way about the weaknesses and strong points. It helps both, student and tutor, to work in the direction of improving them.

Besides, with home tuition, parents get an opportunity to keep an eye on the overall performance of their child. Moreover, good tutors to keep you updated with the improvement of your kids. So, you can now register here to find a tutor for your child.