Do Students Need Teachers in This Age of Online Learning?

The Internet has made learning easier and effective than before. Given that today’s kids have an easy access to smartphones and computers, they can search for any topic online and get all information.

27011285 - male college student attending online math's lecture on laptop

27011285 – male college student attending online math’s lecture on laptop

In fact, they can learn how to solve certain algebra equation or why limewater turns milky with carbon dioxide by watching YouTube videos. An easy access to educational material online has taken learning to a new level among kids.

However, the ever-growing use of the Internet among kids has triggered many questions. Should kids need teachers anymore when they can learn anything online? Is Internet the best method for learning?

No matter how advanced technology will become in coming years, a role of “human teacher” would always be crucial. Students still need teachers for guidance. Here’s why…

Discipline for Learning:

Needless to say that online education is flexible and engaging. But one has to be disciplined and motivated to make the most of that. This is why a role of teacher is important in such scenario. He or she will maintain everything in a classroom, from structured scheduling to decorum.

Motivation and Encouragement:

The other benefit is that teachers will encourage students to give their best. They can see where they are lacking and provide support accordingly. Besides, students can inspire from the experience and dedication of their teacher. This is something learning from screens can’t offer.

Social Interaction:

Face to face communication supports learning in a better way. Seeing and interacting with a teacher can be motivating for most students. For example, teacher’s body language and gestures help student understand complex things.

So you must have understood that technology can’t replace teachers. However, it is equally true that the blend of face-to-face teaching and technology can produce remarkable results in the field of learning. For example, a student can learn from the screen under the guidance of his or her teacher. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!

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