Do You Have a Bad Tutor? Here’s How to Tell

Have you picked a right tutor for your kids? How do you know your home tutor is qualified and dedicated?



These are some questions most parents go through when they hire a home tutor. Here are the signs that you have met a terrible home tutor for your kids.

No Qualification:

Does your tutor have certificates or degrees? Make sure all documents are original and belong to verified university or college. This is because there are many cases of fraud tutors who carry fake degrees. You can check his or her degrees online over their respective universities or educational institutions websites.

Busy on Their Smartphone Rather Than Teaching:

Check if the tutor is teaching kids or getting busy on his or her smartphone all the time. Whereas using the phone in the classroom once in a while is totally tolerable, you should warn the tutor if the use is beyond limit.

Always Being Late:

A predominant sign of irresponsible tutor! Make sure the tutor comes on time and leaves the class after designated hours.

Not Motivating Kids:

A role of tutor not only confines to assigning notes or explaining the things. A good tutor always encourages his or her students to give their best. He or she also makes learning compelling so that the students learn the things efficiently.

So these are the signs of a bad home tutor. We know that it is quite stressful to find a right one for your kids. Let us help you! ChampionTutor database ensures handpicked, screened and qualified home tutors in Singapore for your kids.

David Lim is the writer of this article is a regular contributor on the behalf of ChampionTutor.
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