Download These Mobile App to Learn Chemistry in Fun and Easy Way

Chemistry is a tough and challenging subject due to plenty of chemical reactions, equations and solutions. No matter how much you dislike it, it is compulsory for engineering, computer science and medical streams.

No wonder that many students seek chemistry tuitions in Singapore to get good grades. What about using chemistry apps?

Mobile apps will make your learning fun and be interesting with their graphical explanatory steps. Here we have listed chemistry mobile apps for Android.

Complete Chemistry:

This mobile app will help you understand chemistry topics like atomic structure, acids, chemical bonding and many more. It also lets you create and save notes. Last but not the least—the app has an advanced chemistry dictionary and quiz section to enhance your vocabulary in chemists.


iChemistry is a popular chemistry app and teaches your definitions and formulas in simple language. Users are required to complete the stages that are from easy to advance. It enables them to find solutions of all exercises; edit and search them according to your requirements.

Chemistry CheatSheet:

As the name suggests, this apps present the info in cheat sheet form, meaning that you get quick and snappier information. It is easy to use, easy to read and well organized.

Periodic Table:

It is one of the popular chemistry apps! It covers up all the basic topics and 118 elements. You can learn the easy way to make the electron shell diagrams and molar mass calculations. It lets you ZOOM the content for quick and easy view.

So wait no more and make your chemistry learning easy and interactive by downloading these apps.

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