How to choose a good Tutor from tuition agency?

Every parent wishes to improve the grades of their child. And nothing serves better than home tuition for this. Isn’t it? Definitely, it is the surest way to help your child achieve success and knowledge.

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Especially in a country like Singapore, where grades are so important, it is essential that you get the best for your child.  So, before you book at a tuition agency, here is all you need to look for in a good tutor:

Qualifications: Look for the tutor’s education first, i.e. which school and university they went to, their subject, etc.

Examination board(s): Don’t forget to ask the teacher which exam board they follow and teach. Going for a tutor with experience as an examiner will add value to the teaching level.

Speciality (if any): While some holds specialization in exam practice, on the other hand there are few who serve best for confidence-building or say making learning fun. So, don’t be afraid to ask the tutor about their ways to approach certain areas.

Tutoring experience: In case, you are hiring them for a certain subject or exam, ensure that they have crossed the same and been successful in the same. The one with less tutoring experience will not be a good choice.

Testimonials: You can have a word with the other students and parents about the tutor. Also, you can check online for the reviews about the tutor and agency, both.

These were some basic things you must consider before you make a final decision. So, don’t go by big names, be a careful parent and give you child nothing less than the best!

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The writer of this article is a regular contributor on behalf of ChampionTutor.

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