How to Get Your Kids Do Their Homework?

If you are like most parents, you must be worrying over your kids’ dull approach towards their homework. In other words, your kids are not doing their homework or doing it reluctantly.

Homework is more than a schoolwork a student is required to do at home. It is an important educational purpose that is important to promote self-discipline and study skills among the kids. Moreover, it pushes students to take initiative and responsibility to accomplish a task.

But the million dollar question is that how to get them to do their homework. Well, it is quite challenging, but not impossible.

We hope that this brief guide will help you out…

Create a Homework Schedule:
Set an optimal homework schedule for them based on their spare time after school. When they feel more energetic after school? This may be after an hour of downtime. This may be a right time to set the schedule. Avoid choosing late evening as most kids tend to be drowsy this time.

Study Room Should Be Away from Distractions:
Keep TV, video games, phones and other objects away from their study rooms. Such things will distract your kid’s attention. Make sure the room is quiet and calm. Besides, they should have all supplies like pen, pencils, rulers and dictionaries at their study table.

Allow Them a Break:
Let them take a break for a few minutes. It will ease their tiredness and frustration occurring from doing homework at a stretch. A 10 minutes break will help them feel refreshed when they come back to study.

Make Your Presence Felt:
Help your kids in their homework. Know where they are struggling and present solution accordingly. A kid is likely to be more encouraged when they know that their parents are around.

Give Them Reward:
Reward will add to their motivation for homework. Make sure it doesn’t look or sound like bribing. For example, offering chocolate or toy for completing the assignments every time is a bribe. They will do the homework for just getting the material gain, instead of understanding the concept. Instead, you can offer extra TV hours, dinner, family walk or novel if they stick to homework for a week.

So, these are the tips to motivate your kids for their homework.

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