How to Register Your Tuition Centre in Singapore?

Before setting up a tuition centre in Singapore, you as an owner are required to register you venture.

The Private Education Act defines private education as “full-time education helping students for any examination that results in a qualification awarded by another person or organisation other than the Private Education Institution (PEI), or admission to an education institution”.

Being a private education institution, tuition agencies in Singapore must abide by this law.

Therefore, the act requires organizations to enlist as a private school with the CPE (Council for Private Education). To get accreditation form the CPE, the organization should take care of the several laws and regulation.

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Enhanced Registration Framework:

First of all, you have to go through a process called the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF), which is directed by the Private Education Act and the Private Education Regulations. Meeting the ERF criteria means that your organization comply the guidelines set by the CPE.

Documents Required for Registration:

  • Status as a Registered Firm:

A tuition agency should be registered with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). You can present your documents to the CPE. Make sure the name of your agency includes words like academy or school. However, the name shouldn’t be similar to other tuition agencies. Avoid using the words like “Singapore” and “National”.

  • Ownership Details:

Directors of the company are deemed as the managers. Submit your declaration form along with the personal information to the CPE.

  • Floor Plan and Related Approvals

The CPE requires tuition centres to own at least fully enclosed classroom and an area for office/admin activities. Besides, the premises should be appropriate with hazard free environment and fire safety measurements. The property should have the clearance certificate by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) or the Housing Development Board’s (HDB) and Fire safety and Shelter Department (FFSD).

  • Details of Academic Board:

Agencies are required to set up an academic board that should be composed of at least 3 members. These members shouldn’t be bankrupts or guilty of any offence.

  • Details of the Courses and Faculty:
  1. Teacher’s information, qualification and work experience
  2. Class timetable
  3. Attendance sheets
  4. Receipts issued to students
  5. Sample of Textbook or Assessment Books issued to students

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SUBMIT all documents at this address…

Private Schools Section
MOE HQ, 15th Floor
1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675

Once all the documents are submitted and found to be in order, MOE representatives will inspect the premises of a tuition centre.

Author Bio: Wilson Tan is the Director at ChampionTutor- Tuition Centres Singapore and as well as creative blog writer who loves to pen down his points on various topics related to education, parenting, home tuitions etc.

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