Surprising Facts about Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tuitions have been a part of learning in Singapore for ages. The industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years. Once being confined to the apartments or houses, tuition centres in Singapore have gone beyond to upscale malls. This overwhelming growth is fuelled by competitive environment, tough curriculum and parent’s pressure on the students.

Here we have listed some startling facts about tuition industry in Singapore.

  • It’s a Billion Dollar Industry in Singapore!

Tuition is like a big industry in Singapore. It generates billion dollar revenue in a year. The latest Household Expenditure Survey has unveiled that families are spending $ 1.1 billion a year on tuition. In 2008, the industry was $820 million while it was $470 million in 1998. There are more than 30,000 private tutors in Singapore who provide some form of coaching. These stats clearly define the “tuition boom” in the nation.

  • A Land of Millionaire Tutors

Many tutors in Singapore are earning in millions. This shouldn’t be surprising if the industry is generating billion dollar revenue. In fact, some tutors are no less than a celebrity. No wonder that many MOE teachers are quitting their job to leverage the boom.

  • 70% Parents Send their Kids for Tuition in Singapore

With 7 in 10 parents get their kids enrolled in tuitions, tuition has become a necessity to get success in the academic field. As we have said earlier that Singapore has the competitive educational environment and difficult syllabus. Then, kiasu, a fear of losing or lagging behind is common among Singaporeans, prompting students to seek tuitions to be ahead.

After going through these interesting factors about tuition centres in Singapore, you must have understood why the industry is on the boom.

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