This is How Singapore’s Tuition Centres Teach via Practical Methods

Practical approach to academic learning will enable a more effective understanding and retention of information among students. In other words, students learn efficiently when they experience or do the things themselves, rather than just being taught. This is because they can relate to a subject. Their brain is involved in making connection and building familiar patterns as well. Hands-on learning is meant for students of all ages in various modes like problem solving, trial and error and kinesthetic.

No wonder that the primary schools are required to provide hands-on learning by 2023 by the government.

To you surprise, tuition centres are not behind.

There are over 60 tuition centers in Singapore which offer hands-on activities. Here students learn mathematic concepts using counting cubes and sorting object. They learn about solar energy assembling solar cars.

This is How Social Studies is Being Made Interesting!

Let’s accept it! Social study is not appealing to all students. Luckily, it can be made fun and engaging incorporating hands on activity. For example, 3D maps can be used or students can create their own salt map. Senior students can prepare a traditional meal or create a model of civilization.

New Ways to Teach Language Arts!

Hands-on activities can be really useful when it’s come to teaching letters, rhyming words and literature. For example, some tuition centres use pipe cleaners, sand, clay and magnetic letters. Older students are asked to recreate scenes from a story or play they are reading.

When Fun Replaced Fear in Mathematics!

Abacus, tallies, beads, stones and coins are used to make math learning more effective. Students can use a yard stick to go across the classroom to measure the things.

No More Yawning or Rotting in Science Class!

There are endless hands-on activities to make science engaging. For example, some tuition centres conduct flower dissecting experiment to make students familiar about flower’s reproductive system. They are given circuit diagram and magnet to learn the flow of electric current.

So you must have understood how tuition centres are taking learning to the next level by adopting practical approach.

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