Tuition Centre vs. Private Tutors: A Brief Comparison

Did you know that tuition in Hong Kong is the billion dollar industry and reputed teachers can make as big as million in a year.

Tuition Centre


It means that parents have been spending hefty amounts in just tuition fees. This is because tuition centres have been emerged as an extra academic support for the students looking to improve their grades. In the wake of online tutoring in the region, tuition centres and home tutors are still popular among parents.


If you are looking for the convenient option between them, you may like to know the pros and cons of both sides.

We have come up with a brief comparison between tuition centre and home tutors to help you choose the best one for your child.

1. Tuition Centres are Cheaper than Private Home Tutor

Generally, a tuition centre provides tutoring at cheaper rates than a private home tutor. It is surprising as latter has to commute to his student while a tuition centre provides classroom space equipped with basic facility to the students. An experienced and qualified home tutor is likely to charge more. Similarly, a reputed tuition centre may be more costly than others.

2. Home Tutor Provides Better Personal Attention than Tuition Centre:

Since a home tutor has to teach one or two students, he can focus on their performance and has a more time to work on their areas of improvement. On the other hand, a tuition centre has group of students to teach, making it a bit difficult for them to focus on each student’s progress.

4. Tuition Centres Provides Uninterrupted Tutoring:

A home tutor is likely to cancel the classes if he is ill or having other commitments. But tuition centre will arrange the other tutor in case the existing one is not available.

5.  Home Tutor Teaches at Student’s Home Comfort:

A home tutor teaches student at his place. Therefore, a student needs not to commute daily from home to tuition centre.

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