What are the Benefits of Home Tutoring as a Part Time Job?

Want to do a part-time job?

From restaurant, kiosks, retail stores to event management, there are plenty of businesses which are suitable for doing a part-time job.

However, most of these jobs require you to work for 5-6 hours daily. Then, add 20-30 minutes extra of daily commuting.

Whether you are a student or already have a job in hand, it would be quite hectic for you to pace up with the commitments, schedule and other things while doing a part-time job.

You need a part-time job that goes well with your commitments and schedules. Look for a job that ensures you good wages.

We think that home tutoring fits in that scenario.

Firstly, you can do job at the comfort of your place. Secondly, you can earn more hourly wages than most of the home-based jobs.

You Can Earn Higher Hourly Wages:

You can earn more as a home tutor than other part time jobs in Singapore. While Starbucks offers between SGD 7 and SGD 9 hourly wages to its waiting staff, a home tutor can earn up to 20-30 SGD per hour. And this tutoring rate can be 30-70 SGD per hour for the university students. It means that you can earn minimum $520 per month with the basic rate of 20 SGD per hour.

You Can Have Flexible Working Hours:

Tutoring job lets you set your time according to your availability and preferences. For example, you can do the tutoring in evening if you are busy with your job shift or college classes in morning.

You Get Emotional Fulfillment:

You as a tutor help students improve their performances. And the happiness is beyond description when a weak student gets good grades under your coaching. This way, you get emotional fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction as well.

So you must have understood the benefits of choosing tutoring as a part time job. Make sure to teach the subjects you have a good grip over.

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