When to Get a Math Tutor for Your Kids

Falling grades, being confused, trouble while doing homework are the reasons your kids need a math tutor.

Do you yell and request to get your kids to do their math homework? Are you worrying over their slipping grades in mathematics? Or they are not getting the equations right?


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If this sounds familiar, it is time to get a math tutor for the kids.

And you are not alone as nearly 70% Singaporean parents are opting for tutoring in some form for their kids. It is even important as math is counted among one of the tough school subjects, requiring kids to possess calculation skills and deep understanding.

Here are the signs that it is the time to call in a math tutor in Singapore.

They are Not Able to Understand the Concepts:

While many students know how to solve an equation, they fail to learn the meaning behind it. For example, they rote by the heart that 5×5=25, but they don’t how they get 25. This can be a serious problem down the road as math learning is not based on memorization. A math tutor will explain them each step in equation so that they can be logical.

Having Troubles with Homework:

Is your kid not interested in doing homework? Or they spend too much time on homework? It means that you need math tuition for them.

Not Getting Improvement despite Study for Hours:

This happens. Many kids study for hours. However, they don’t get the desired results. May be they are not studying in the right way. Enter math tutor. He helps them how to study, what to study along with the effective tips so they can ace math exam.

Declining Grades:

This is the key reason to hire a math tutor. For some students, the grades fall as they advance to higher classes. This is because they are not able to understand complex equations or pace up with the class. In this scenario, a math tutor is a great help.

They Lack Confidence:

Slipping grades, poor performance and lengthy equations are enough to shatter the confidence of the students with the average learning ability. Consequently, they develop “math phobia”. It goes without saying a math tutor can groom them with personal attention and experience.

You must have understood when (and why) to hire a math tutor. Do you have something to share? Please do it by commenting below.